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Introducing 'MaruScan' system

Proudly introducing MaruScan:

We've integrated the management/archiving platform of Fotomaru's scanned
images into 'MaruScan' which was previously transferred via email only.

MaruScan supports Web for most PC/Mac systems, Android/iOS for smartphones and tablets.

Future scanned image delivery will be guided into MaruScan.

- Browse/manage images directly on your devices without download
- Order history/archive by order/processing date
- Supports PC, Mac, Android/iOS, tablets
- Selected zip downloadable of image, roll, order

4 years of storage on server available from now on and peiod increasing.

Every customers who are using scan service will have image DB account on MaruScan.
Scanned image upload notice email will be sent when new scan process done.

MaruScan: http://scan.fotomaru.com

Thank you for choosing Fotomaru.

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Seoul, Korea