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F O T O M A R U _ S e r v i c e s .

Analog Services -

Film Development: Color negative(C-41), Positive(E-6), Black&White
supported film formats 135, 120, 220, 110, APS, 4x5, 8x10

Analog Prints: Color negatives analog print, Black and white analog prints(RC, Fiberbase)

Digital Services -

Film Scans: Roll scans for 135/120/220/110/APS, Sheet scans for 4x5, 8x10
scanners: Fujifilm Frontier SP-3000, Kodak Lab scanners, Noritsu, Flextight Virtual Drum Scanners & Flatbed Scanners

Print Scans: Flatbed

* Scanned images downloadble via internet(MaruScan system) - no delivery time rag

Digital Silver-Halide prints 4x6~10x15 inchs
Digital Pigment prints using Epson Large format printers(11 ink colors)
- Fineart prints using variety of papers, Hahnemule, Innova, Canson, Sihl, Permajet, Gekko, Maru, etc

* International shipment by EMS - around 7 workdays quick delivery
* Overseas payments accepted using PAYPAL -
ask qoutaion then payment invoice sent according to currency rate with paypal fee.

For ORDERS or any queries, please email at fotomaru.en@gmail.com

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