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ORDER Form & Process

O R D E R  F O R M

1. Customer Name:
2. E-mail Addr:
3. Shipment Addr:
4. State(optional):
5. Country(optional):
6. Phone Number:

Order Details:

Please describe-
Film Formats & Quantity: 135(24/36), 120, 220, 4x5, 8x10
Film Chemicals: Color Negative(C-41), Positive(E-6), ECN-2, B/W
and Any special process: push/pull, B/W chemicals(D76, TmaxDev, XTOL)

Scan: Rollscan(select resolution Basic/Hi resolution, TIFF)
- if you want development and scan together, please describe Dev+rollscan

Print: Roll Print(w/ dev+rollscan) - 4x6 sizes in silver halide, digital process

Digital silver-halide print from 4x6 inches up to 10x15 inches: please transfer images via email/dropbox/FTP

Digital Pigment Print from 8x10 up to 60x90 inches:
for Fineart print and pricing, please e-mail us at fotomaru.en@gmail.com

Once your film/order materials arrived to fotomaru, we'll carefully check and make sure your order details and price. If you want your films to be returned, the shipment charge also be calculated and included. The exact quotation will be given by email, and payment can be done by bank transfer or paypal(5% surcharge) by currency. Processing starts after the payment confirmation.

Film filing service also available, binding developed films up to 100 rolls and shipback once(10,000 Won for initializing).

Please make your films in safe packaging, and send it to us.

Shipment Address:

FOTOMARU, 3F 58-9, Chungmuro-3ga(Supyoro 6-gil 2-1), Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea 04554

in Korean: "서울시 중구 충무로3가 58-9번지 2층(수표로6길2-1) 포토마루 04554"

Tel.+82-070-8235-4911(may not answer in English)

Email: fotomaru.en@gmail.com

Please note that tariffs and VAT will be charged if the customs charge is more than total of USD150 including shipment charge.(from the US USD200).

Please use PCC reciepient name as KWANG-HOON MIN and PCC number P691145858321 if needed.

We accept orders from WORLDWIDE, also ship WORLDWIDE.


Print/including this order form is faster and reliable to process your order when it arrives to MARU, and will send you the quotation and payment invoice after checking it. Dowloading your images can be possible by MARUSCAN website(http://maruscan.com) or app with your phone(android, iOS).

(C) FOTOMARU, fotomaru.en@gmail.com Fax.+82-2-2274-4911
Seoul, Korea