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True ECN-2 processing service starts

True ECN-2 processing service for Movie films starts from 11th November 2019.

So far FOTOMARU has been developing movie films by C41 process with remjet removal. As you've been experiencing, this causes different color balance and shift. Through the scanning process images were adjusted for correct colors, but not as much as original ECN-2 results. This was because there were no official ECN-2 chemical supplies in Korea.

But finally true ECN-2 process has brought here again, and the results of test are as follows. Thanks to all our sincere customers.

- C41 is not serviced for movie films
- 12,000 Won for development per single roll, and free basic resolution scan serviced.(hires add 4,000)
- Price for 120 will be on the price table
- Kodak is currently selling Vision films, but many outdated and expired films are in the gray market. Those would not be guaranteed for maximum quality(e.g. Fuji movie films).

Followings are ECN-2 processed sample images done by FOTOMARU.(click to enlarge)

Kodak Vision 3 50D / Fujifilm Klasse W

Kodak Vision 3 200T / Ricoh GR1v

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