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Film Process Price in KRW(2023.4~)

Price in Korean Won, for customers in Korea.
PAYPAL payment also avaliable, by current exchange rate and payment fee(5%) added.

Roll Print(print package) must be ordered together with (development+roll scan), Silver Halide Print.

Virtual Drum Scans: e-mail for pricing.

* C-41 by Kodak Chemicals, E-6 by Fuji, default B/W by Kodak TmaxDev

* Alternative B/W chemicals +W2,000 for development
- D76: 1 more day
- XTOL, HC110, DD-X: 2 more days

Film Filing Service - If you order film scan, you may not need your films to be returned immediately. For this case, FOTOMARU provides Filing service and the films will be organized in File book up to 100 rolls without shipment. Just send us your films to be scanned, and if your file charged up to 100 rolls, then the File book will be shipped just one time.
Price of initializing the filing service is KRW10,000 (shipment not included).

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